The OSU Band marches through the Nations capital covered by snow.

Jody Victor: It was so awesome knowing the Ohio State Marching Band was in our Nations Capital playing for President Bush. What a huge accomplishment for the members. It was up to the band to raise the money themselves to be able to attend the events…and they did it! Ohio State Marching Band…the Best in the Land!

The Ohio State Band marches through the Nations capital covered by snow.

The OSU Marching Band marched in the inaugural parade on January 20th, 2005. The Band was expecting cold weather on Thursday the 2oth but they didn’t expect all the snow from Wednesday’s front. The weather forecast had called for a dusting of snow and temperatures in the mid-30s Wednesday. But the day started with temperatures hovering around 20 degrees and was accompanied by a couple of inches of snow.

“I hope it’s not this cold and snowy (on Thursday). I don’t want my valves to freeze,” said Joe Witkowski, who plays sousaphone in the Ohio State University marching band.>

The OSU Band played Wednesday night at the Wright Stuff inaugural gala that was hosted by the Ohio Republican Party.

The Ohio gala, which will give guests of the Ohio delegation exclusive access to the museum’s 22 exhibits, including one dedicated to Ohio’s own Wright brothers, was expected to draw more than 1,000 celebrants. One of the celebrants was Canton’s Mayor Janet Weir Creighton.

“I’ve been to three (Republican) conventions, been to the White House and met with the president, but this is my first inauguration,” said Creighton, who said at least two dozen Stark County Republicans are in the capital to celebrate President Bush’s win and second term.

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Jody Victor: Ohio State Women’s Basketball ranked 3rd

Jody Victor: Ohio State Women’s Basketball Ranked 3rd!

The 2004-05 season celebrates the 40th year of women’s basketball at The Ohio State University. The tradition began for the Buckeyes in 1965-66. Countless players, coaches, teams, games and fans have left their mark on the Ohio State women’s basketball program and this year’s TEAM is no different. OSU Women’s basketball TEAM is ranked 3rd in the AP Poll which ties the best ranking for any Buckeye TEAM. The 1992-93 OSU TEAM was ranked 3rd twice in March of ’93 before they went to the Final Four that season. Will this TEAM also make it to the Final Four? We’ll have to wait and see!

On Sunday, January 16th the women Buckeyes took on the women Rutgers. It was an intense day in Value City Arena. “Defensively, this probably was one of the toughest games both teams have been in,” OSU junior guard Kim Wilburn said. “Both teams played defense like its crazy. But I think this is one of the best games that we’ve played all year as far as coming together as a team. Everybody on this team carries each other.”

“We’ve been a very good defensive team all year,” OSU coach Jim Foster said. “I think people perceive us to be an offensive team. They look at our field goal percentage and talk about that. I don’t think they spend enough time thinking about us at the defensive end of the floor. We took care of business for the most part.”

The Bucks pulled this one off with a 52-50 win. Their next game is on January 20th versus Indiana.

I will have to make sure I watch ESPN that night to find the results of this game…I’ll also remind Steve Victor and Joe Victor to check it out!

Go Bucks,

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Jody Victor – OSU Basketball: What’s up with the Board?

Jody Victor: Hey Buckeye Fans, its OSU Basketball time … and they are hot! It’s unfortunate that the Basketball TEAM sometimes gets overlooked because of the football season but don’t be fooled … Buckeyes Basketball is top notch!

If you have watched a basketball game this season you will notice something very unique. The coaches use a small, white board to signal in plays to the TEAM. The board is used because sometimes it is hard for the players to hear because of the crowd noise. This way the players can see the plays.

Head coach, Thad Matta, has used the board in the past. When he was the assistant coach at Butler the boards were used to signal in plays. There was only one challenge, the number of boards. At Butler each board contained its own play and therefore you had to juggle all the boards. When Matta was the head coach at Xavier he discovered that a white grease board and felt-tip pen worked better. This way the board could be wiped clean after each possession.

Matta, now the OSU head coach, has made his assistant John Groce in charge of the board. The board isn’t used after opponents’ missed baskets because the Buckeyes want to get out and go after those and have to be looking up the floor for advantages, not off to the side for instructions. After baskets are made is when Groce might hold the board up for a few seconds so there is no confusion over what to run in the half-court offense.

There really is no concern about the opponents catching a glimpse at the play board. If there is a coach who tries to steal a peak then Matta will stand between Groce and the coach. Matta does ask the tv announcers not to read the plays off the board during the game. So far the use of the board has caused no problems for the Buckeyes.

With a recent winning streak, the Buckeyes take on Wisconsin tonight. Will the Buckeyes be able to pull off another win? We will just have to wait and see.

I won’t be able to watch the game tonight as I’m going to be watching the Cleveland Cavs with my son Joe Victor. But don’t worry; I’ll make sure to watch ESPN tonight for the results.

Go Bucks!

Jody Victor

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Jody Victor: Ohio State Marching Band invited to 55th Inaugural Parade

Jody Victor: The Ohio State University Marching Band has been invited to officially represent the state of Ohio in the 2005 Presidential Inaugural Parade for President George W. Bush on January 20, 2005. The OSU Marching Band will perform “Beautiful Ohio” as it passes the reviewing stand.

This is the band’s fourth appearance in the Presidential Inaugural Parade. The band played once before for President Bush in his first inauguration parade in 2001.

 “We are very excited about returning to Washington, D.C., to march in the parade,” said Jon Woods, marching band director. “We consider it an honor to be selected. It is a privilege to play for the President of the United States and to represent the state of Ohio.”

The Ohio State Marching Band is well known and is the world's largest all-brass and percussion marching band.  Known for its precision marching and military-style uniforms, the Ohio State University Marching Band is composed of 225 playing members and a drum major.

In addition to “Beautiful Ohio,” the band will play “Across the Field,” “I Wanna Go Back to OhioState” and “The Buckeye Battle Cry.”

This event is outside the normal university performances and therefore the band is responsible for raising its own funds for the trip. The band needs $70,000 to fund the trip.

“We are honored to be a symbol of the great state of Ohio in our country’s most prestigious parade,” said Woods. “We deeply appreciate the financial support of any donors who are interested in enabling us to participate in this historic event.”

If you are interested in making a Tax-deductible donation of any size, it can be made payable to:
The Ohio State University
Memo: “Marching Band Fund” #302589
Attn: Marilyn Cook
1866 College Rd.
110 Weigel HallColumbus, OH43210
(614) 292-4748

MarkerMan Productions'Jody Victor: As you can imagine, this is a huge deal for the band members. Playing for President Bush is such an honor…something they will never forget. We know The Ohio State Marching Band is the best in the country and so does President Bush! Being involved in organizations on campus exposes students to so much more than just attending classes. Whether students are involved in the band, athletics, social or professional organizations they get more out of the “college experience.” In talking with my sons, Steve Victor and Joe Victor, they learned so much about life in general by being involved on campus. Although neither sons went to The Ohio State University, they both went to college and were involved. Steve played football for Bowling GreenStateUniversity and was involved in many other organizations. Joe was the mascot for the university and was also involved in many campus organizations. They both can agree that being involved made them more well-rounded individuals and it better prepared them for life after college. 


I would like to congratulate the Ohio State University Marching Band for their achievements of being invited to the inauguration parade!

Go Bucks!

Jody Victor

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