OSU Researcher Finds Black Raspberries May Reduce Skin Allergy Inflammation

A new study headed by OSU faculty found that eating black raspberries might reduce inflammation from skin allergies.

The study, published in ”Nutrients,” used mice and found that diets high in black raspberries seemed to reduce inflammation from contact hypersensitivity. Researchers noted that typically treatments have been those that applied right to the skin and that just consumption of a fruit can achieve a similar effect.

Researchers gave one group of mice a diet that incorporated what would be a single serving of black raspberries for a human per day. They also kept a control group of mice that were feed no raspberries. The raspberry group saw a reduction in inflammation in their skin where irritated.

The researchers discovered the raspberries affect the dendritic cells. These cells send messages to the immune system which then decides whether or not to create inflammation.

Researchers stated that observed benefits may exist but more work needs to be done to determine what specific properties of black raspberries are reasonable for decreasing inflammation.