OSU Researchers Look Into How Individual Players Affect Football Program Revenue

In the first study of its kind data suggests that the most elite college football players might bring in an average revenue of $650,000 a year. According to the Ohio State University, who relied heavily on data from Rivals (a recruiting news service), those ranked highest by the Rivals publication are the ones bringing in this kind of money.

Four-star Rivals recruits generated $350,000 year and three-star Rivals recruits brought in about $150,000 a year. Meanwhile the study found that 2-star recruits may actually reduce revenue slightly by $13,000.

While one study never tells the whole story during the continued debate about how college athletes should be compensated this study begins to tell the story of how players impact the income of the highest earning college sport.

Researchers at the Ohio State University hope that this first look into the effect players have on college football program bottom lines will open up the dialog to new possibilities.