Bangladesh’s Agriculture in Danger

Rising ocean levels driven by environmental change make for salty soil, and that is probably going to compel around 200,000 beach front ranchers in Bangladesh inland as icy masses soften into the world’s seas.

Flooding with salt water is as of now pushing ranchers in Bangladesh to move from developing rice to raising shrimp and other fish, however not every single beach front inhabitant will have the capacity to remain put and keep up their rural occupations.

The specialists found that the cultivating potential lost with expanded soil saltiness is and will be an extensive driver of movement. The scientists evaluated that a homestead would be required to lose 21 percent of its harvest income every year when looked with moderate salt defilement.

pulled together an assortment of financial, populace, geographic and environmental change information to make models that enabled them to gauge populace shifts dependent on rising water infringing on seaside farmland and ensuing increments in soil saltiness. Salty soil hinders development of rice.

The investigation shows up in the diary Nature Climate Change.