Buckeyes Host Ohio’s Severe Weather Awareness Week

The Ohio State Meteorology Club sponsored the 22nd Annual Severe Weather Symposium last week. The symposium finds meteorologists from all across the country and from many specialtiesĀ  to give presentations, but also to interact with students interested in the field.

Guest speakers included Cory Mottice, who is a forecaster for the National Weather Service office in Cleveland, Ohio. Another speaker, Jeff Logsdon, is a science and operations officer for the National Weather Service in Northern Indiana. They also invited WTVG Chief Meteorologist Jay Berschback.

While lots of topics were covered, the most discussedĀ  were severe weather issues. These issue included the unusual outbreak of tornadoes in Ohio in 2017 as well as the impact of hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Mr. Logsdon focused his discussion on two issues. First the very powerful tornado that crossed 39 miles from Indiana to Ohio. He also talked about the historic flooding that ravaged Indiana last year.