Jody Victor : Brutus Buckeye

Jody Victor: One of the more visible symbols of Ohio State is Brutus Buckeye, the school's mascot. Brutus first appeared in October of 1965 at the OSU vs. Minnesota Homecoming game. The idea and design for the mascot came from Ray Bourhis, who then got help making the nut from his student organization, Ohio Staters, Inc. Their large paper-mache shell was well received by the thousands of Ohio State fans at the game. The mascot was a smiling nut with human legs.

On November 18 that same year, the OSU mascot finally received a name through a campus wide contest. The winning entry was “Brutus Buckeye,” submitted by Kerry Reed.

Over the years Brutus has had changes of all kinds – some accepted – some not, until September of 1982 when his costume and look became what you see today – a smaller head, and trim figure, sporting a scarlet and gray striped shirt with “Brutus” on the front, and “00” on the back. His pants are scarlet, with the name of his great school embroidered on the sides.

Go Bucks!

Jody Victor