Jody Victor : Buckeye Banter

Jody Victor: Buckeye football camp is coming to a close soon. Here's what some of the guys had to say.

Lawrence Wilson, junior defensive end on camp: “The best part of camp is everybody coming together and working hard. Everybody pushes each other and it really brings us together as a team. The worst part of camp is that it's three weeks away from home and it's been so unbearably hot.”

On the versatility of the running backs : “They've been running fast and they've been running hard. Beanie is a power guy, Brandon Saine is a speed guy and Mo Wells is more of a shifty type. I think that each brings something new to the table and they'll all complement each others' talents.”

Maurice Wells, junior tailback, on his mindset in camp : “My mindset has been the same as it was last year at this time. My goals always include winning the Big Ten, winning a national championship and beating Michigan. All the goals from last year are really my same goals this year. Hopefully we'll be as successful.”

On his role sharing the ball with Chris Wells : “Chris and I are two totally different styles of running back. It'll be up to the coaches on how they want to use us in the offense. I know we're both ready to play some football and see how it works out.”

Chris Wells, sophomore tailback, on being a central piece of the Buckeye offense : “It's 11 guys on the field, not just a one man offense or a one man backfield. Everyone has to contribute and do their job. For me to succeed I need a great offensive line, which we have, and a great coaching staff, which we have.”

On being in a more run-oriented offense : “I'm looking forward to running the ball, but if passing the ball is going to win games, then I'm all for doing that. I've been working all spring and summer on catching the ball so hopefully I can contribute a little more in that area.”

On the schedule : “I don't think that any team on our schedule is soft at all. We have a bulls-eye on our backs every time we take the field and those guys are gunning to take us down. You just have to be ready to execute and play to the best of your ability.”

Go Bucks!

Jody Victor