Jody Victor®: Buckeyes Help With “Best Fans” Campaign

Jody Victor: Four seniors on the Ohio State football team – Jake Ballard, Kurt Coleman, Jim Cordle and Anderson Russell – contributed time, effort and, most importantly, encouraging words to Buckeye Nation recently by taking part in a “Best Fans in the Land” video shoot at the office of University Marketing and Communications on Kinnear Road.

The efforts of the Buckeyes will assist the work of the Ohio State Sportsmanship Council, an on-campus organization that promotes good sportsmanship and camaraderie at Ohio State athletic events and city-wide.

The players took turns articulating key messages such as “welcome our visitors,” “cheer loud and be proud,” “respect our opponent” and let us give our opponent on the field “the hard time.”

There were certainly a few bloopers which only served to help refine the delivery and the finished video, which is expected to be used across a range of electronic mediums this fall by the Sportsmanship Council, will be dynamic. So stay tuned.

Go Bucks!!

Jody Victor