Jody Victor: Honda To Build Advanced Wind Tunnel at OSU

Honda has partnered with the Ohio State University to build and staff an advanced wind tunnel facility. Honda is investing $24 million to build the facility. OSU will provide faculty, staff and students to work with Honda researchers at the East Liberty Transportation Research Facility where the tunnel will be built.

The new wind tunnel facility is intended to help solidify Honda’s commitment to fuel efficiency technology. The new facility will feature the ability to test both production vehicles and race cars. Wind speeds of up to 192MPH can be produced in this type of tunnel.
Honda also hopes to advance the acoustic design of future cars to reduce wind noise.

The TRC was purchased by Honda of America Mfg. in 1988 and the proceeds went to the College of Engineering at OSU to establish a transportation research endowment fund. The TRC has continued to operate as a independent testing and research facility that has used it surpluses to fund other research at the College of Engineering. To date the TRC has generated more than $54 million.