Jody Victor: More Ohio State University Traditions

Jody Victor: There are so many traditions at Ohio State University. Some are widely known and others I’ve never heard of before. Here is some more information I found during my research.

Buckeye Grove
Since 1934, a Buckeye tree has been planted in honor of each of Ohio State’s All-American. Trees are usually planted in a pregame ceremony at the spring game. With the renovation of Ohio Stadium in 2001, the Buckeye Grove is now loated at the southwest corner of the stadium.

Tunnel of Pride
The ex-OSU quarterback Rex Kern and current Director of Athletics Andy Geiger started the Tunnel of Pride in 1995, when Notre Dame visited Ohio Stadium for the first meeting between the two teams in nearly 50 years. In an effort to generate even more emotion, excitement and enthusiasm than already existed, Kern and Geiger reached out to former Buckeye football players who were attending the game and asked them to form a tunnel for the team to run through as it came onto the field. Thus a tradition was born, which is now continued every other year when Michigan visits Ohio.

My sons, Steve Victor and Joe Victor, and I visit the OSU campus each year. We will have to make sure we visit the Buckeye Grove next time around.

Go Bucks,