Jody Victor: Ohio State University Pistol TEAM

Jody Victor: Ohio State Pistol TEAM

Ohio State has it all … they even have a pistol TEAM. Yes, a pistol TEAM! The TEAM consists of 13 players including men and women ranging from business to biology to pharmacy majors.

The OSU Pistol TEAM holds their home competitions in Converse Hall. Admission to these competitions is free of charge.

The coach is James Sweeney, who has been involved in shooting sports for over 28 years. James is an active competitor who is dedicated to coaching and directs the State of Ohio International Pistol Championships as well as leagues in air gun, action pistol and Bullseye. Sweeney was the interim coach in 1986 and 1987 when the TEAM went to the nationals. He became the head coach in 1999-2000 and in the same year they took the National Collegiate Championship as well as national team titles in free pistol, standard pistol, women’s air and sport pistol. Last year the OSU women’s team won the National Collegiate Championship for the second time and Sweeney was named the NRA Distinguished Coach of the Year!

The most recent match was the Mid-West Air Sectionals held on January 29th in North Olmsted, Ohio. The OSU Pistol team took first place in the TEAM competition. The team consisted of Jennifer Trickett, Anthony Douglass and Teresa Meyer. Trickett placed second and Doulgass finished third. In the women’s air competition Trickett took first place.

Ohio State University has so much to offer! Although there are so many more sports at OSU besides football and basketball, I must admit I am still an avid football fan…but it’s great to know there is so much more out there! I think Steve and Joe would say the same.

Go Bucks!