Jody Victor: Ohio State University Traditions

Jody Victor: Each University has their own traditions. Ohio State has quite a few…especially with their outstanding football TEAM!

Victory Bell

One of the traditions is to ring the “Victory Bell” after every Ohio State victory. The bell is located in the southeast tower of Ohio Stadium.

The bell was a gift from the classes of 1943, 1944 and 1945. It sits 150 feet up in the southeast tower and members of the Alpha Phi Omega ring the bell after the victories. This tradition began in 1954 after OSU beat California.The Victory Bell weighs 2,420 pounds and cost $2,535 to install. It's been said the bell can be heard up to five miles away on a calm day. That is pretty unbelievable!

Next  time my son, Joe Victor, and I go to a game we will have to wait after around after a victory to hear the bell ring.

Gold Pants!

The Ohio State v. Michigan game is a huge ordeal in our family. Each year Steve, Joe and I get together and watch the game. We dress up in OSU garb and spend the day watching the game. It's become our own family tradition. OSU also has a tradition when playing rivals from the north. After each win over the Wolverines a gold charm replica of a pair of football pants is given to players and coaches. The tradition started in 1934 when first-year coach Francis Schmidt told those wondering how OSU would fare with Michigan. He said, “They put their pants on one leg at a time just like everybody else.” Schmidt's Buckeyes then went and defeated Michigan four-consecutive times.

Go Bucks!