Jody Victor: Ohio State Women’s Basketball ranked 3rd

Jody Victor: Ohio State Women’s Basketball Ranked 3rd!

The 2004-05 season celebrates the 40th year of women’s basketball at The Ohio State University. The tradition began for the Buckeyes in 1965-66. Countless players, coaches, teams, games and fans have left their mark on the Ohio State women’s basketball program and this year’s TEAM is no different. OSU Women’s basketball TEAM is ranked 3rd in the AP Poll which ties the best ranking for any Buckeye TEAM. The 1992-93 OSU TEAM was ranked 3rd twice in March of ’93 before they went to the Final Four that season. Will this TEAM also make it to the Final Four? We’ll have to wait and see!

On Sunday, January 16th the women Buckeyes took on the women Rutgers. It was an intense day in Value City Arena. “Defensively, this probably was one of the toughest games both teams have been in,” OSU junior guard Kim Wilburn said. “Both teams played defense like its crazy. But I think this is one of the best games that we’ve played all year as far as coming together as a team. Everybody on this team carries each other.”

“We’ve been a very good defensive team all year,” OSU coach Jim Foster said. “I think people perceive us to be an offensive team. They look at our field goal percentage and talk about that. I don’t think they spend enough time thinking about us at the defensive end of the floor. We took care of business for the most part.”

The Bucks pulled this one off with a 52-50 win. Their next game is on January 20th versus Indiana.

I will have to make sure I watch ESPN that night to find the results of this game…I’ll also remind Steve Victor and Joe Victor to check it out!

Go Bucks,

Jody Victor