Jody Victor: OSU Football: Smart in the Classroom, Smart on the Field

Jody Victor: OhioState Football not only focuses on their players on the field but also in the classroom. Too many times people think football players don’t have brains…but they are wrong! This past spring there were 48 players on the TEAM who had a GPA of 3.00 or higher. That is great! Smart players in the classroom mean smart players on the field and that is why you will see an outstanding team this fall. Steve Victor, Joe Victor and I (Jody Victor) can’t wait till this season starts. The BEST is YET to come!


I would like to congratulate Brandon Schnittker for his huge accomplishment of a perfect 4.00! Way to Go!


PS, my son Joe Victor went to college with Brandon’s older brother Ryan…so I like to keep my eye on Brandon.


Go Bucks,

Jody Victor


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 As one of the veterans on this year's OhioState football team, senior fullback Brandon Schnittker knows it is important to be a leader, both on the field and in the classroom.


During the just completed Spring Quarter, Schnittker did both, locking up his role as the starting fullback and recording a perfect 4.00 in the classroom.


“I usually have my best quarters when I really have to manage my time,” said the marketing major, who sports a nifty 3.8 GPA. “When you have to spend three of four hours on the practice field, you know every minute of your study time is important. So during the fall and spring, I know I really have to apply myself.”


Schnittker, a native of Sandusky, Ohio, hopes to go into college coaching after his football career is over.


“I have always been interested in education, and coaching is an extension of that,” he said. “I am fascinated by the mental part of the game.


“Coach (Jim) Tressel has been a very positive influence for me. I think he does things the right way and I try to learn by watching him. Without really knowing it, he has furthered my interest in the profession.”