Jody Victor: OSU Homecoming and Block O traditions

Jody Victor: OSU Homecoming and the Block O seen at Football games are both great traditions at the University.

Homecoming started out as “Ohio State Date” back in 1912. It was initiated by Professor (and later OSU President) George W. Rightmire. Homecoming was designed to bring the alumni back to the university and celebrate.

The celebration has been noted, among other things, for the decorating of Greek chapter facilities and university dormitories.

The parade is another tradition Buckeyes’ hold high. The parade did not become a time-honored tradition until it joined the schedule permanently in 1965.

In 1926, student supporters wishing to pull a practical joke on the university, convinced the community that Maudine Ormsby was to be honored as queen. She was so popular on campus, she won the vote. Maudine, pictured at the right, actually turned out to be a cow, the only cow ever elected as homecoming queen.

Block O
An Ohio State University and Ohio Stadium tradition, Block “O” is celebrating its 65th anniversary this year. Known for spreading spirit, starting cheers and performing card stunts, Block “O” was founded in 1938 by Clancy Isaac. After seeing a cheering section at the University of Southern California, Isaac decided that it was something OhioState needed. Sixty-five years later, Block “O” is OhioState’s largest student organization on campus and has gained local and national recognition.

Go Bucks,