Jody Victor: OSU Sports Collegiate, Intramural or Club

Jody Victor: As you know, The Ohio State University has tons of great athletic teams. Many that I follow very closely. Unfortunately not everyone is blessed with the ability and skill to be able to play on the college teams but there are tons of other opportunities made available for those who want to be part of an organized sport. There are intramural sports, sports club, fitness classes, etc. that students can join. Any sport or activity that you enjoy you can most probably find an organized team…and if there isn’t one then start one!


For example, the following are intramural sports that are happening this spring quarter: badminton, ice hockey, match play golf, racquetball, sand volleyball, soccer, softball, table tennis, world team tennis and ultimate disc. This summer you can play softball, soccer, sand volleyball or 3-on-3 basketball.

If that doesn’t quench your thirst then join a club sport. The following are just a few club sports you can join: aikido yoshokai, all girl cheer, benchball, buckeye dance force, swimming, paintball, field hockey, crew, figure skating, martial arts, judo, kendo, rugby, water polo, scuba, ski, volleyball or wrestling…and there are tons more!

Although students are at the university to get a degree, there is much to be learned from being part of an organized sports team. My sons, Steve Victor and Joe Victor, both played sports in college. Steve played on the college’s football team and Joe played intramural sports.  They learned discipline, attitude and teamwork to name a few.

Go Bucks!

Jody Victor