Jody Victor : OSU Undergrad in Antarctica

Jody Victor: In the past month, Ohio State senior Liz miller has taken five airplane flights, melted snow for drinking water, hobnobbed with John McCain, and trekked over a field of snow with a bucket over her head.

Anything in the name of science.

Miller, a geological sciences major, is one of two Ohio State undergrads studying in Antarctica until mid-February. She and April Jacobs, the other undergrad, are analyzing lake and stream samples for clues of global warming. (The bucket drill was a “survival school” test to warn her how little she would see in a polar blizzard.)

When she's not doing research, Miller, who has worked at Ohio State's Byrd Polar Research Center for more than a year, is documenting her every move on a blog, Adventures on Ice. If you get the chance check it out.

Go Bucks!

Jody Victor