Jody Victor : Vote for Ohio States's "Pontiac Game Changing Performance"

Jody Victor: In a much-heralded match-up of #1 vs. #2, Ohio State's defense secured a “Pontiac Game Changing Performance” nomination when linebacker James Luarinaitis forced a fumble on the two-yard line. Defensive back Donald Washington recovered the ball for Ohio State and ran to midfield, creating a palpable shift in momentum. Ohio State went on to defeat the Longhorns 24-7, ending Texas' 21-game winning streak and giving Ohio State its second Pontiac Game Changing Performance in the young 2006 season. It was great watching the game from my comfy Buckeye chair and munching on steamed clams and corn-on-the-cob at our Sandusky Bay home. Way to go Bucks!

Buckeye fans can go to, where they can view video clips of the four finalists and vote for their favorite play. Voting began on Sunday and ends at midnight on Wednesday. ESPN will announce this week's winner on Thursday night during the Pontiac Performance Halftime Report.

The winning university earns a $5,000 contribution from Pontiac to their genreal scholarship fund, and, new to this year's program, one lucky individual who visits, will also win a $5,000 scholarship for themselves or a family member.

This week's game against Cincinnati is at Ohio Stadium. It will be televised by ESPN Plus – kickoff time 12:00.

Go Bucks!

Jody Victor