New OSU Research Provides New Insight on Household Dust

It has long been known by the scientific community that regular household dust will contain chemical remnants that can cause problems in the human endocrine system. A new study from OSU, however, indicates that the stuff we bring in from outdoors like micro bacteria and microorganisms can help break down the endocrine endangering leftovers.

Published in the well know journal Environmental Sciences, this fascinating new study is the first to that friendly microbes can break down the endocrine threatening chemical leftovers scientists call phthalates.

However as with many discoveries this isn’t the whole story. While the microbes can help rid us of phthalates, in too-humid environments that rapid breakdown of the chemicals and rapid growth of microbes and lead to molds and musty air.

Yet, the study is still helping scientists understand how these microbes could be useful in dealing with harmful chemical leftovers indoors. This is important because many of these chemicals come from common products like plastics and vinyl and many are even found in personal care products like shampoos.

Scientists are hoping that these seemingly friendly microbes might lead us to understanding how to cheap these nasty industrial leftovers of our homes, offices and bodies.