New Study Looks at Special Sub Set of Essential Workers

A new study has found that essential workers (people who work at retail stores, groceries and restaurants) who scored higher on narcissism measurements also shared more than others about their work.

This sharing, whether over social media, in person or otherwise, increased their feelings of narcissism in the moment.

Study authors said that the word “hero” is a trigger word for narcissists. Their study was not focused just front-line essential workers but anyone that works outside the home. Having their work described as heroic plays into narcissist behaviors and gives them an opportunity to shine, in their minds.

Study authors wanted to stress that the results don’t apply to all essential workers, just those who scored highly on narcissism measurements. The study is only about just that subset of workers who admitted to having narcissist behaviors—like the desire to show off to others or the different ways in which they use social media.

The work was published in a journal called “Personality and  Individual Differences.”