Once again, Ohio State is on top

Ohio State Buckeyes just keep going and going and going! The latest win (42-27) against the Indiana Hoosiers clinches the Big Ten East Division title and a spot in the Big Ten Championship game! See more game notes here.

The last game of the season is a home game that begins at 12p ET. It will be aired on 97.1 FM and broadcast on ABC. This is the game between the biggest rivals: Ohio State Buckeyes vs Michigan State Wolverines. This rivalry was named the “greatest rivalry of the 20th century by ESPN.com in 1999.” The Ali vs. Frazier match was called No. 2. This is the last game before the B1G Championship Game in Indianapolis, Indiana scheduled for 12/6 at 8:17p ET. Read more game notes here.

Jody Victor