OSU Research: Mediterranean Diet as a Pain Reliever?

OSU researchers have been looking at the well-established link between obesity and chronic pain. The link between the two, researchers found, could well be inflammation and the study points to the anti-inflammatory benefits of foods like fish, nuts and beans. Lead researcher, Charles Emery, professor of psychology at OSU, thinks a Mediterranean diet could be a key to preventing or reducing inflammatory pain in obese patients.

After developing their research model – which would determine whether components of an anti-inflammatory diet high in veggies, fruits, healthy fats and whole grains might play a key role in whether weight might lead to pain – researchers found a clear pattern existed. Eating a such a diet reduced body pain regardless of body weight.

The study also upheld previous research showing that people who are overweight or obese are more likely to experience pain. It included 98 men and women 20 to 78 years old and appears this month in the journal Pain.

While changes in diet to produce medical results should always be discussed with one’s primary care physician, this research could be a great way for some chronic pain sufferers to begin a path towards healing. The Mediterranean diet has already proven itself on the battlefield of heart health and weight loss, and now may earn a gold star rating in the realm of pain management.