OSU Takes Top Rank in GameDay Recycling Challenge

As anyone who has attended an OSU game can imagine, that stadium could generate a lot of potential waste, even for a single, well attended event. However, OSU’s stadium has been ranked as “zero waste” since 2013. This means the stadium is diverting 90% of its waste away from landfills. Methods of diversion include recycling, reusing and composting.

For five years running OSU has bested its competitors in the Big Ten Conference in the annual GameDay Recycling Challenge. The GameDay Recycling challenge is a national competition among colleges and universities, to promote waste reduction and sustainability at home football games.

The stadiums home-game season saw 95.4 percent of waste diverted away from landfills—no small feat! The most successful game was the November 26 against the University of Michigan, when the stadium diverted 96.23% of its waste. This total being higher, by 20%, than any achieved by any competitor in the conference.

Go Bucks! Go Green!