OSU Welcomes New Students Through Mobile Devices

OSU will feature a “digital wallpaper” on university-provided devices that will greet thousands of incoming students next month at orientation. It is the creation of 3rd year industrial design student Nadia Ayad. She is the winner of the universities Digital Flagship Wallpaper Contest. It is an annual contest in which undergraduates compete to have their work featured on mobile device home screens that many incoming freshmen will see. The winner’s drawing comes pre-loaded on some ten-thousand devices distributed to  students each academic year.

Ayad’s winning design features a variety of imagery from fast foods like pizza and doughnuts to imagery that nods towards majors like chemistry, agriculture and sports. Ayad earned herself an iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil as a prize for her outstanding design work.

Similar digital tool kits will be given to new first-year students at all campuses as part of an initiative to help prep students for the mobile workplace. Furthermore, these students will have access to app building tools and related business partnerships and professional development opportunities.