Buckeyes In The News

Jody Victor: Buckeye alumni are out there in almost every job. career, employment, service, military, occupation you can think of. In fact, there may be some we didn’t think of. Case in point, here’s an excerpt from an article on osu.edu about just such an alumni.

In 1984, the black-and-white Nintendo Entertainment System was still a year away from its U.S. release; the first version of Tetris had just been created in Moscow.

Sixteen-year-old Steve May was used to the barebones video game graphics that defined the era. But a story in Science that year–focused on new “amazing computer-generated imagery”–fascinated him.

Best of all for the Mansfield teen? It was happening at Ohio State’s Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design, a trailblazer in the field of computer animation.

Three Ohio State degrees later, May is a shining star at Pixar, where he’s worked on Up, Cars, Finding Nemo, and Toy Story 2. (May earned a bachelor’s in 1990, master’s in 1992, and PhD in 1998, all in Computer and Information Science.)

For Brave, which opened at No. 1, May oversaw and developed technology used in the film; ensured the movie lined up with the director’s creative vision; and supervised animators.

“I loved school,” says May, who also served as Ohio State faculty for 12 years. “I studied computer graphics and animation, so it directly applies to what we do at Pixar.”

Go Bucks!!!

Jody Victor