Have You Seen the Buckeye Man?

At the next Buckeyes football game you attend keep an eye out for the man with the buckeye bag. For three years Doug Malone has been passing out buckeyes from his bag to the Ohio State players as they enter the stadium headed to the locker room. Malone is a redcoat, an aid who performs special tasks for the Dept. of Athletics and attends to guests.

Malone’s father, Ronald, lost his life to cancer three years ago. Ronald started the pregame buckeye handout tradition thirteen years ago. Malone is picking up his father’s buckeye bag to honor him and carry on the ritual.

Malone states the first time he remembers his father passing out Buckeyes was a 2005 game against the University of Texas. The Malone’s were walking by the locker room and someone made a call that the defensive coordinator Luke Fickell needed a buckeye. Ronald had one.

After that Roland turned that one incident into habit and eventually into tradition. Ronald found buckeyes at a local park before every home game and brought them to the stadium.
The idea soon became reality. Ronald would go to a local park to pick up buckeyes and bring them to every game. The last game Ronald saw was against Michigan State.

Nowadays the ritual is a team effort. Malone passes out buckeyes found by other redcoats and some vendors who make and sell buckeye necklaces.

Counseling Reduces Cancer Recurrence, Says New Study

Breast cancer patients, two years after receiving diagnosis, have quadrupled their positive thoughts regarding the changes their bodies have gone through due to their illness, according to a new study.

Survivors who attended mentoring or counseling services designed specifically for cancer patients were found to have even more positive life changes. This particular study examined 160 women (all either had been diagnosed with stage 2 or 3 breast cancer) and were all treated in the Columbus area.

All the survivors who participated were part of the Immunity and stress Breast Cancer Program that looked into how effective counseling and intervention programs, designed by OSU, to help cancer patients handle the hurdles of their conditions and if counseling lowered the recurrence risks.

Previous research by the program had shown such programs did in fact reduce such risks.

Engineering Professor to Be Honored by NAE

The first female Buckeye, an engineering professor, will become a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

Associate dean of research in the College of Engineering, Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska, will be one of eighty-six people to receive the Nation Academy of Engineering honor this year. The Academy honored Grejner-Brzezinska’s for her contributions in geodetic science and sat nav technology—including innovations integrating it with AI.

Beyond being the first female member of the NAE, she is only the 13th faculty member of Ohio State to be honored.

Membership in the NAE is one of the highest honors an engineer can be granted and are only received by those who have made stupendous achievements in engineering research, practical application or education. Those who are honored are pioneers in the fields who make significant advancements in both theory and implementation of new engineering.

Grejner-Brzezinska’s initial work helped create a more reliable GPS navigation. This body of work eventually lead to the GPS we enjoy in our smartphones today. More Recently her teams and she have created new navigation systems that leverage AI and image-based technology and do not rely on global positioning satellites alone.


Pizza ATM Opens on Campus at OSU

An innovative Pizza ATM is the most recent eating alternative for understudies at The Ohio State University.

The new Pizza ATM is situated on the second floor of Morrill Tower and is open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. for understudy dinner plan holders and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. for general use.

Here’s the means by which it works: Pizzas are pre-made in a neighboring kitchen and accompany cheddar or pepperoni garnishes. They are then put away in a refrigeration unit inside the Pizza ATM. Additional garnish alternatives are normal later on.

At the point when a pizza is requested, it consequently moves to the ATM’s inward broiler and is prepared until the hull is fresh and the cheddar is softened. It normally takes around three to four minutes. A 10-inch pizza costs $8.

OSU Researcher Finds New Way to Draw Electoral Districts

This new way of defining electoral districts brings together game theory and “Ghost,” a word game, and the theory is that the results could yield more demographically accurate districts.

If you aren’t familiar with Ghost it is a little bit of an unusual game. Opponents speak single letters back and forth to each other creating partial words—the goal is to get your opponent to finish the word. Who ever finishes is the loser.

There is one unusual caveat of the game in that while it is collaborative, one is still trying to outsmart their opponent.

While the researcher from OSU usually deals with geometric clustering, game theory is an additional interest. He has created gerrymandering theories in the past and thought game theory might help with this endeavor. He was trying to find out if players with opposing goals combine their efforts to create a map would in turn create “more fair” electoral districts.

Currently the research is being peer reviewed on arXiv.org, the mathematics peer review server. Here fellow mathematicians will go over the research and decide on its validity.