Health Professionals Suggest Not Making Resolutions This Year

New Year’s Day is a common day to make resolutions, often health and career related. However, mental health professionals at the Wexner Medical Center at the Ohio State University that during these extra stressful times may do more harm than good.

According to experts, in normal times a little stress can be a motivator to be productive and complete our resolutions However, when stress is chronic and prolonged our bodies and minds aren’t getting the “stop stress” signal and we don’t ever give ourselves a chance to calm down. This can be bad for both physical and mental health.

This never-ending stress comes from all the major life adjustments we’ve had to make during the pandemic.

Experts suggest not making resolutions at all or at least not ones that call for sweeping change (as sweeping change is what got us all stressed in the first place. They suggest practicing mindfulness, being in the moment and making small changes that make your day to day life easier.

Whether it is literal meditation or being aware to the small, but nourishing activates your already doing, focusing on the moment and letting go of concerns about the past and the future, for many, can bring a fresh and calming perspective to their day.