New Study Fins Deforestation Isn’t a Major Carbon Contributor

While it is true that deforestation leads to more carbon in the environment the effect on climate change by cutting down trees may be greatly overestimated, according to new research.

Deforestation caused by the timber industry and to create farmland is known to be responsible for 92 billion some tons of carbon emissions over the past century. This was discovered through a study done by the Ohio State University and Yale University.

This widely accepted estimate, according to researchers, did not take into account a fair few important items such as replanting new trees among other forestry techniques that lessen the burden on the environment due to deforestation.

The new study did take those factors into account and the new data paints a very different picture in parts of the world where intense forest management techniques are being used and to a lesser extent in parts of the world in which management is not so intense.
While previous estimates demonstrated that twenty-seven some percent of manmade carbon emissions were from deforestation. The new data suggests that the correct number is closer to a mere seven percent.

The new study figures that decreasing carbon emission in industry should be the focus.

Researchers warn though that environmental protection work should not be ignored when it comes to forests, as this work is what reduces the impact of deforestation.