New Research Finds New Dangers from Vaping/E-Cigarettes

OSU scientists have taken a first look at bacteria in the mouths of young, healthy vaporizer (e-cigarette) users and they say the potential for future disease is very present. But that danger may not be what you think.

A culture of oral bacteria in daily vape users’ mouths is swimming with strong, infection causing organisms that put vapers at serious risk for disease ranging from gum disease to cancer, according to scientists.

The subjects didn’t have any active diseases their oral bacteria panel resembled that of people with periodontitis. This infection can cause tooth loss as well as leaving one at risk for heart and lung disease if not treated.

The presence of nicotine in the vaper’s “juice” (the liquid they vaporize and inhale) didn’t seem to make a difference in bacteria cultures. This lead scientists to believe it is the “juice” that may be the key culprit in creating a home in the mouths of vapers for this dangerous combo of bacteria.

Scientists even found that cigarette smokers in the study had a lower instance of the dangerous bacteria in their mouths when smoking cigarettes. After was little as 3 months and up to 12 months of vaping changed their bacteria profile a more dangerous level making vaping potentially more dangerous than smoking in some regards.