President Drake Proposes Landmark Tuition Freeze

If you are in the orbit of anyone associated with higher education — especially a student — you probably know that the word tuition has, nearly, become taboo. With soaring rates and talk of massive loan debt who can blame students and others associated with colleges and universities for worrying?

In a bold plan proposed by The Ohio State University President, Dr. Michael Drake, OSU would freeze tuition rates for the first time in the last 40 years. This plan would freeze rates, specifically, on in-state tuition, mandatory fees, housing, dinning and all undergraduate program, course and learning technology fees on the Columbus campus.

If the university went through with this plan it would not only affect in-coming students, but all students. Currently the yearly cost of education per in-state student at OSU is $10,037—which isn’t far above the national average for most in-state students. This cost would not increase for any current students.

The Ohio State University is a land-grant institution and part of their focus is to stay affordable for Ohio residents, while also trying to maintain a competitive cost for out of state students. This tuition freeze would extend to OSU’s regional campuses as well.

Jody Victor