Office of Student Life Offers Students Off-Campus Housing Safety Kit for Free

At the Ohio State University some students are taking advantage of an offer from the school to increase home security in student housing around campus.

OSU’s Office of Student Life’s program supports off-campus students with things like window and door alarms and light timers. An email reminder recently brought in 500 more requests for the service.

The program has been running for over a decaded and primarily (but not exclusively) targets off-campus students. The Office of Student life stated that most student housing burglaries are crimes of opportunity and simple deterrents will stop many crimes before they start.

Timed lights can convince someone is home, turning lights on and off around the domicile. Audible alarms will scare off many amateur criminals. The tools offered by the program are easy to install and portable as students will often move to different house and apartments throughout their career at the OSU.

Students need only fill out a simple form and pick up their kit from the Student Union.