Ohio State Creates The John Glenn College of Public Affairs

The Ohio State University has a long relationship with former astronaut and senator John Glenn. Among the honors they’ve bestowed on him, they established the John Glenn Institute of Public Affairs in 1998, then it became the John Glenn School of Public Affairs in 2006). But what do these name changes mean, really?

The John Glenn School of Public Affairs was already ranked among the nation’s top 30 public administrative programs. It already offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees. Becoming a “college” the opportunities within existing programs as well as the number of programs will likely grow.

The John Glenn School of Public Affairs goal is to train young people to improve public policy making and management through research and analysis. The practical knowledge created through its research is passed on to all students in an effort to improve the public sector.

One well known program are the MAPS training seminars that build management and leadership skills for top executives, mid-level managers and first-line supervisors and support staff. As a college programs like these as well as opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students will only increase.

If you know a college-bound young person who is interested in these kinds of programs more information can be found here: http://glennschool.osu.edu/