High Fat Foods May Immediately Affect Our Ability to Concentrate

Stress and other factors may lead us towards our favorite comfort foods—many of which are high in saturated fat. According to a new study from the Ohio State University has found that single meal high in saturated fat can disrupt our ability to concentrate.

The study observed how 51 women performed on an attention test after having eaten either a meal that was high in saturated fat or the same meal made with sunflower oil, which is high in unsaturated fat.

Both meals were created from eggs, turkey sausage and gravy. Both meals contained 60 grams of fat. One was cooked with a high saturated fat oil or the sunflower oil. The meals both totaled 930 calories.

When they observed the poor performance of the saturated-fat eaters compared to the unsaturated-fat eaters the researchers new there was a correlation between saturated food and the brain.

This immediate loss of focus was a surprise to researchers as most research on diet has looked at long-term effects rather than short-term effects. They also noted that even though the one meal was made with sunflower oil, while low in saturated fat, still contained plenty of dietary fat.

Researchers believe, based on this evidence, if a similar experiment were done comparing those who ate the high saturated fat meal and a truly low fat meal the results could be an even more dramatic difference in attention ability.