Longtime Philanthropists Stand and Joan Ross give 10 million dollar Endowment to Wexner Medical Center

In 1993 the Rosses’ teenage son, Malcolm, was involved in a racing accident at Indianapolis Raceway in which he broke his neck. Malcolm was transferred to the Ohio State University’s Dodd Hall Rehabilitation Hospital. At this facility Malcolm made a full recovery from his injuries. The Rosses have been financial supporters of the Wexner Medical Center ever since.

This gift of 10 million dollars will endow research including the full spectrum of brain health and establish the Stanley D. and Joan H. Ross Center for Brain Health and Performance. The Center for Brain Health and Performance will complement the new Brain and Spine Hospital, scheduled to open in 2016 to meet the growing need for services for patients with neurological disorders, including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, stroke and many others.

Dr. Ali Rezai, holder of the Stanley D. and Joan H. Ross Chair in Neuromodulation at the Ohio State University, stated that:

“The concept of brain health is far reaching and not limited to those afflicted with neurological disorders. Optimizing our brain health and function is important throughout our lives, from youth to advanced age. This innovative center will use research and neuroscience to regain, retain, and optimize brain health and performance for people of all ages. We are grateful to Stan and Jodi Ross for their partnership and commitment that will make our vision into a reality.”