New OSU Project Brings AI to Environmental Studies

One can see that a new 30-foot tower on the edge of the OSU Airport has been erected. However, this has nothing to do with air traffic control of the thousands of take offs and landings at the airport each year.

This tower is the center of a new OSU research project that will look into AI connected to a variety of sensors to monitor the environmental conditions as they happen.

The other key part of the project is the machine learning program that can interpret the data as it is collected. It is a way for researchers understand environmental conditions in urban areas, like noise, air pollution and carbon emissions and how they change in real time.

They will be able to collect data and use AI generated models of all the information to get insights into things like the impact of air travel on the local environment.

National Ecological Observatory Network designed and built the tower. NEON is involved in 81 permanent field sites which are operated by Battelle and are funded by the National Science Foundation. NEON sites across the US collect data on changing ecosystems.

OSU is the first to host temporary and mobile field site using a NEON tower.