The Consequences of Skipping Breakfast

In a new study authors found that adults who skip breakfast are likely to miss out on important nutrients that are mostly found in breakfast foods.

The analysis looked at thirty-thousand Americans and found that skipping breakfast means they miss out on calcium, vitamin C, fiber and the vitamins and minerals found in fortified cereals. And that they are likely to be low on those for the entire day because of this skipped meal.

The US Department of Agriculture’s dietary guidelines now state that a lack of calcium, potassium, fiber and vitamin D are a “public health concern” for the general population of the US. Shortages of these nutrients are linked to health problems.

Most of the missed-breakfast research has been on the performance of school children in which missed breakfast can cause behavioral problems and difficulty focusing.

Most research related to breakfast has focused on the effects of the missed morning meal on children in school, which includes difficulty focusing and behavioral problems.

However, for adults, the problem with missed breakfast may be longer-term health concerns from lack of nutrients most present in breakfast foods.