Keep Your Diet and Exercise Resolutions by Involving Your Dog

If you resolved to start a diet and exercise plan, don’t look at the success statistics as most experts agree they are rather low. Instead, perhaps take some advice from both the animal and human health experts at the Ohio State University who say that if you partner with your pet to diet and exercise it might increase your chances for success.

Both humans and animals benefit from a healthy life style that includes exercise and a good diet. OSU experts acknowledge there are all kinds of programs to get you and your pet involved—everything from dog yoga and dog Pilates to couch-to-5k programs. They warn though that it is best for both you and your pet to start slow with the exercise. They suggest they following:

Schedule workouts. Make grocery lists. Plan daily practices. Make small, manageable changes. It will lead to big results given time. Try different things and figure out activities both you and your pet enjoy. Wellness checkups are important. Make one for yourself when you make one for your pet. Don’t be afraid to celebrate your success.



Did You Know About the Ohio State’s Veterinary Medicine Program?

Contemplating end-of-life choices for your pet or grieving the loss of a pet is something that pet owners don’t want to think about. At the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center, they recognize the importance of these human-animal relationships and provides support for grieving pet owners facing these kinds of tough decisions or situations with their animals.

It is one of only 30 programs in the US that focuses on this kind of care and features a full-time social worker to supporter animal owners when faced with the death of a loved animal family member.

Ohio State’s Veterinary Center treats more than 40,000 pets every year. Their services include standard to emergency care and even oncology. The social worker helps pet owners navigate medical terminology, offers support to those in unexpected emergency situations and helps those processing end-of-life decisions; they also help guide family discussions with children about their ailing pets and provides assistance in finding resources outside the center.

The center recognizes that all families have different needs in different situations and does their best to serve the community of Ohio.

High-End Pet Food Company Gifts $6 Million to OSU

Blue Buffalo Company has announced that it will award a $6 million gift to establish the Blue Buffalo Veterinary Clinical Trials Office at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

The company’s gift will support the growth of the Clinical Trials Office (CTO), a program that facilitates studies to improve patient care and advance medical knowledge for both animals and humans. These studies have resulted in the development of new treatments for cancer, heart disease and arthritis.

The CTO supervises clinical trials involving client-owned animals including dogs, cats and horses, among others. Much like human clinical trials, clients provide consent for enrollment and their pets continue to live with them during the study. Pet parents work closely with veterinary researchers during these trials with the ultimate goal of finding new therapies, diagnostic tests and medical devices that will improve animal and human health.