Collaboration to Bring Health Care to Malawi, Africa

The people of Malawi live with chronic uncertainty: their money’s value may drop dramatically overnight; loved ones dying of treatable disease; if they are going to get enough food.

In light of this seemingly impossible situation, Alison Norris, assistant professor of epidemiology in the Ohio State University’s College of Public Health, along with a team of other faculty and students from Ohio State have joined forces with Malawi aid group Child Legacy International.

There mission is to study what exactly keeps people in poor health and develop interventions to improve and save their lives.

Working together in a local clinic Norris and her team have already conducted a study of 1,500 residents in the community which tries to understand how they make health care decisions, especially in the light of such pervasive uncertainty.

The Ohio State team is testing ways to connect more people to available health care.

Jody Victor