Power Grid Storage Increases Efficiency and Lowers C02 Emissions

Electricity grids that incorporate storage for power sourced from renewable resources could cut carbon dioxide emissions substantially more than systems that simply increase renewably sourced power, a new study has found.

Electrical grids that implement storage for electricity that comes from renewable resources could decrease C02 emissions more than systems which don’t store energy. The study is a first in looking at the role storage has to play in making renewable energy resources more reliable.

Power grids in California and Texas were examined in the study. Then researchers modeled which kinds of storage might make the best use of each type of renewable energy source. Then extrapolated from there how this might all affect C02 emission levels of the modeled grids.

In California it was found that a whole third of energy might not even be collected at all or simply lost from renewable sources without storage. And adding storage to this system reduced C02 emissions by 90 percent.

The study appears in Nature Communications.