OSU Researchers Make Virtual Classroom Suggestions

With many schools going online the Ohio State University has gone through some of their research to find some tips for students and teachers who will be using virtual classrooms.
Researchers found that developing a relationship between teachers and students is very important.

This is something we take for granted when we say hello as we enter the classroom or give each other a eye five or even direct eye contact.

Even though software like Zoom can recreate a sense of “face to face” conversation and lesson plans (and additional digital tools can enhance these meetings) it still feels a little impersonal.

What we usually consider frivolous on the internet is actually what helps us connect over the digital platform. Pictures, audio clips, emojis, videos, animated GIFs and even well placed (but dreaded) meme can help us make a more personal connection.

Students also benefit from spending time with one another away instruction and for older students group projects where the work takes place away from the “watch” of the teacher can be beneficial.

Keep Your Diet and Exercise Resolutions by Involving Your Dog

If you resolved to start a diet and exercise plan, don’t look at the success statistics as most experts agree they are rather low. Instead, perhaps take some advice from both the animal and human health experts at the Ohio State University who say that if you partner with your pet to diet and exercise it might increase your chances for success.

Both humans and animals benefit from a healthy life style that includes exercise and a good diet. OSU experts acknowledge there are all kinds of programs to get you and your pet involved—everything from dog yoga and dog Pilates to couch-to-5k programs. They warn though that it is best for both you and your pet to start slow with the exercise. They suggest they following:

Schedule workouts. Make grocery lists. Plan daily practices. Make small, manageable changes. It will lead to big results given time. Try different things and figure out activities both you and your pet enjoy. Wellness checkups are important. Make one for yourself when you make one for your pet. Don’t be afraid to celebrate your success.