New College of Optometry Facility Opens

On the campus of the Ohio State University a new eye care clinic has opened. The clinic is part of the College of Optometry and located on the corner of 11th and Neil. It replaces a facility that was more than 50 years old.

The new facility offers a cutting edge learning experience fo students which will improve the lives of center patients.

Faculty and other College of Optometry staff agree that students can only spend so much time in a lecture, or in a lab or in other kinds of simulation before they need to see their first real patient. At this facility students’ first experiences with patients is the focus.

Even upon request, patients cannot see a faculty member without first seeing a student. From the moment of conception the new facility was imagined as an educational clinic.

The new clinic offers a full selection of services such as vision rehabilitation, contact lens care, primary vision care and pediatrics. It includes 56 exam rooms and a retail eyewear gallery with a massive three thousand some frames in-house.