Looking For a Cure to the Summertime Blooms

That’s right. Blooms. Algae blooms to be exact. If you are in Ohio and live near any bodies of water you’ve probably heard of them.

And it isn’t just algae blooms, but water quality in general we worry about in the summertime in Ohio. This summer Ohioans are talking about algae blooms, but also the high nitrate levels in drinking water. Thankfully we have a an ally, the Ohio Water Resources Center (Ohio WRC) which is part of the Ohio State University’s College of Engineering. The Ohio WRC is one of only 54 institutes authorized by the federal-level Water Resources Act to promote and fund research and outreach activities concentrated on common water issues on local and regional levels.

One area of concentration for the Ohio WRC has been training the next generation of water experts. They’ve done this through 20 programs that focus on student education in areas such as nutrient runoff, waste water treatment, microcystin treatment, algae and nutrient tracking and water quality.

The Ohio WRC has also created an extensive research database that connects about 300 university level water researchers. This program created a powerful, statewide cooperation between researchers focusing addressing algae blooms and nutrient issues from a field-to-faucet viewpoint.

The Ohio WRC also is involved in a variety of education and outreach initiatives that target K-12 students, working professionals and the public.