Teaching Creativity?

New research has experts thinking they may be able to train people to be creative and the method shows far more promise than previous practices.

The new method is based on narrative theory. It encourages people to think like artists and children—wherein one imagines alternate worlds, shift perspectives which leads to unexpected actions.

The method’s developers say it works, first, by recognizing that all people are creative. They stated that our society is obsessed with the idea that some people are more creative than others and this creates a severe undervaluing of the creativity of children and others. Researchers said it isn’t that one person is massively more creative than another but that people aren’t being trained correctly to tap their creativity.

Researchers were able to use their method to successfully train the U.S. Army’s Command and General Staff College. One researcher wrote a publicly available guide on how he tailored the narrative method to fit the needs of military officers and enlisted personnel.

The study authors have also worked with the Ohio State College of Engineering, Fortune 500 companies, the University of Chicago School of Business.