The Ohio State University’s Online Degree Programs Get Top Marks

Ohio State’s online bachelor degree offerings are ranked seventh by U.S. News and World Report 2016 Rankings. The College of Nursing online graduate program ranked fourth (up from sixth in 2015) and graduate engineering programs placed 25th. Engineering and nursing programs were also recognized as best for veterans in 2015.

Online courses offer flexibility for students, especially students who work, and are gaining in popularity as more and more students find themselves in so-called “non-traditional” situations such as returning to school while working and single parenthood, Ohio State offers 13 online degree programs and is dedicated to building an eLearning portfolio that makes the university a national leader. Assuring that online students receive the same education as those on campus is a core principle of all Ohio State online degrees.

Thirteen online programs at Ohio State are available in 47 states. Degrees available include: the registered nurse to bachelor of science in nursing, bachelor of science in health sciences, master of science in nursing, master of science in welding engineering, master of science in dental hygiene, master of science in agricultural and extension education, master of global engineering leadership, master of applied clinical and pre-clinical research, master of plant health management, doctor of nursing practice, master of art education, master of social work and the dental hygiene baccalaureate degree completion program.