Tomato Sauce’s Health Benefits Reduced By Meatballs

If you were eating tomato sauce or otherwise cooked tomatoes for the anit-cancer benefits of lycopene you might want to pay attention.

A new study at OSU concluded that the anti-cancer properties of lycopene could be nulled when combined with iron rich foods, like a meatball.

The Buckeye research team looked at the blood and digestive fluid from a small group of medical students. They examined the students’ samples after eating a tomato extract shake. One with iron, one without. In the samples’ of blood and digestive fluid lycopene levels were far lower in those who drank the extract with an iron supplement. Meaning there was less lycopene for the body to use to fight cancer.

Because iron is absolutely an essential part of our diet (it helps get rid of waste and produce energy) and it also is known to toy with other cellular processes researchers will continue to research iron’s relationship to other compounds with potential benefits.