Wexner Medical Center Develops Procedure to Scan Student Athletes for Myocarditis

Cardiac MRI has been found effective in finding inflammation of the heart muscle in athletes and thus help determine when those athletes who have recovered from Covid-19 can return safely to practice and play in competitive sports.

This method was researched by the Wexner Medical Center at OSU and the research was published in JAMA.

Researchers examined 26 Covid-19 positive male and female student athletes who play college sports. The were looking for myocarditis—a rare disease that can cause sudden cardiac death and heart failure. It is typically caused by viral infection in young adults and tends to affect more males than females.

Recent studies have found myocarditis in patients who recover from Covid-19. In the OSU research 12 of the student athletes showed signs of mild Covid symptoms while the others were asymptomatic.

The Wexner Center calls of a combination of clinical tests to make sure student athletes can safely return to practice and play. This includes a heart ultra sound, electrocardiogram (recordings of the heartbeat) and a blood test to check for myocarditis prior to athletes continuing with competitive play.